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very existential

Why is it essential for us to have meaning in our lives?

As human beings, we strive to fulfil an innate need within us: the need to feel significant. When we feel important, we experience contentment with the nature our lives. …

Let’s look at compassion in a humbling manner.

An empath often finds themselves in a heartspace where helping/supporting/facilitating someone does not come organically to them — it happens because there cup isn’t full enough to pour out in that moment.

It is hard and conflicting for the empath to feel…

Why do we expect it to heal us overnight?

A few months back I visited a dentist after a long time; I think the last time I visited one was back in 2017. I have come to realise that trips to dentists for regular check-ups is not an Indian middle-class…

Logotherapy is not only relevant to people who have experienced severe traumas in their lives.

Google Images on Logotherapy

For the past one year, I have been very curious about Logotherapy. So much so that a few months back, I enrolled myself in a Logotherapy Diploma, and I can’t wait to become a Logotherapist!

Perhaps some of us aren’t breathing right..

I read Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning a few years back; and though I did not have the intellectual understanding to comprehend the real power of the book back then, it ended up in my list of “favourite books” instantly.

A lot…

Life isn’t supposed to be happy, it’s supposed to be meaningful.

We are all somewhere dealing with this “hollowness” inside us. And we try very very, I repeat, very hard to forget that it exists. Seeking constant stimulation through work or other activities, spending time with people, spending money on things that we don’t really need, constantly being laden with work…

And the best place to have it? Therapy!

Meaning of Introspection

As google suggests, “introspection” is more or less a space where you use your mind to think about what you are thinking. The brain ponders over the brain. It’s a meta space, and one requires a superior level of self-awareness to introspect…

Self-awareness to collective awareness!

Lodhi Garden, February ’21

I have heard this statement a thousand times in my life:

People in therapy often go to therapy to deal with people in their lives who refuse to be in therapy.”

I don’t know who said it, but they aren’t entirely right. First of all, you…

Are you underestimating the value of an examined life?

Allow me to begin this with a cliché: If I got a penny for everytime I heard people say “What can talk therapy do anyway?”, I would probably be on a world tour right now.

I don’t even understand what “talk…

The insecurities that we sweep under the carpet NEED to be processed

As a psychologist, I have come across a plethora of texts on ‘unconscious’, but I have subliminally avoided them each and every single time — never tried exploring the underlying aversion I had around this phenomenon. …

Ritika Singh

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